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February 23, 2022

Picture this: You are about to leave for your upcoming beach vacation, but you aren’t sure what essentials you might be needing. For some reason, there is always something you might not remember to pack. Whether it is toothpaste, a razor, or sunscreen, amongst the rest of your list, be sure to think about what activities you will be doing as you pack for your trip. As you think of what you might need, keep in mind these essentials for your beach vacation.

1. Bathing suit – Starting out, you will be heading to the beach or the pool during this getaway. The first thing you will be needing is a bathing suit or two, or three! Depending on how long you will be on this vacation, it might be best for you to pack multiple swimsuits so you can have options.

2. Sunscreen – The south Florida sun is no joke! This is one essential for your packing list. Be sure to purchase a good size bottle with plenty of SPF protection for you and the rest of your party. You don’t want to be out in the sun all day without protecting your skin, or you might end up with a sunburn! 

3. Beach Towel – A beach towel is a must for your day at the beach or the pool. This item is something you can use to sit on and dry yourself off when you are at these places too – it is a multi-use necessity!

4. Beach Bag – Having a beach bag or tote is extremely helpful when you are spending the day out. You can carry most of your necessities in this bag and have it all in one convenient spot. In a beach bag, you can keep your phone and wallet safe, hold your snacks, sunscreen, hat, and anything else you might be bringing on your excursion.

5. Water – A reusable, insulated water bottle is a perfect choice for a beach trip. These can keep your water ice cold, even when you are in the hot sun all day. It is important to stay hydrated when you’re at the beach or the pool. You might even want to pack extra water to refill your bottle throughout the day.

This list covers most of the necessities you’ll need for your next beach vacation. From sunscreen to water, make sure you don’t leave these items off of your list. These are sure to help you have the best time at the beach and in the sun! See you soon for your vacation!


Photo courtesy of Craig Cameron

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