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December 29, 2022

Say hello to Samantha! Samantha is an employee here at Pirate's Cove that does it all! She brings a positive attitude to the resort and helps our guests feel welcome.  

Here is a small insight into Samantha: 

She was born and raised in Stuart, Florida and has been here her whole life! Samantha has worked at Pirate's Cove for 13 years and loves it! She is a mother of two teenagers, and when she is not working, you can find her soaking up the sun outdoors, where she enjoys fishing with her kids. She and her kids also go on adventures together when they can and spend quality time together. 

You can find Samantha all over Pirate's Cove. She is not just in one position here; she helps out in various departments of our resort!  

Samantha's favorite part of Pirate's Cove is the family-like environment. She feels as though everyone is equal! She also likes the interactions between employees and customers. The environment is laid back and employees can get to know customers on a more personal level.  

Make sure you say hi to Samantha and get to know her if you see her around the resort! 

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